Services for Children and Adolescents

Holistic psychiatric treatment for children and adolescents starts here

Treatment with children and adolescents is unique because of developmental considerations and family involvement. The amount of family involvement is different in every situation.

Children and adolescents are the experts of their own experience

Three young people sitting on a concrete wall.

They communicate their needs through words, behaviors, and physical experiences. Working together with parents and caregivers to understand this communication, we chart a pathway toward more resilient mental health for children, adolescents, and families.

I advocate for meeting children and adolescents where they are because this helps them integrate their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors within their unique developmental framework. Children and teens need spaces to safely explore their inner world with curiosity and compassion.

Parenting is the most important and challenging job and inevitably includes some painful times. I work with families to decrease guilt and shame through direct and nonjudgmental discussions about the daily challenges that families face. Children and adolescents benefit when parents can find compassionate support and build their own resilience.

I specialize in combining multiple therapeutic modalities, including:

In addition, I offer parent coaching to help parents and families better understand ways to support their children and adolescents.

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